LaKeesha Wilson

“I contacted Indy’s Racing Cheetahs, a track program in my area, and was immediately drawn to it because all ages practiced together, ran at meets together, and traveled together. It was the most beautiful sight…all three of my daughters encouraging the other to run faster, at home practicing together, helping each other with the blocks… Read the Rest »

ShaTonya Stewart

“Indy’s Racing Cheetahs is an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL organization. My daughter, who has grown to be a phenomenal track athlete, got her start with Indy’s Racing Cheetahs. Not only was she taught techniques that she’s carried with her along …the way and the value of being a good student, but she was encouraged to be a… Read the Rest »

Carolyn Pinkston

“Great job as always. Parents really do not know the value of your track club. If they start out with a strong foundation and a commitment to their academics they can go as far as they can dream possible.”

Tony Maloney

“I would like to give an “atta-boy” to coach Harry Edwards for having a very professional group of athletes.”

Racine Radar Gueye

“The best group of kids I have ever worked with period. The best mentor and coach as well.”

Ryan Grondahl

“This man (Harry Edwards) is one of my most influential figures, helping me grow as both an athlete and a person through high school. Excellent interview, worth a watch! Also, check out Indy’s Racing Cheetahs. Highlight of my high school career and completely worth it.”

Mary Bolger Williams DuVal

“Wow! Very impressive, as always! So proud to know you, Harry! Thank you for sharing your talents, knowledge and passion with the kids! What a real difference you’re making!”

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